Hired Hitch Driver Information

Start helping the community and your checking account

Hired Hitch provides on demand moving and delivery for larger items that require a truck and/or a trailer. Like a taxi, for stuff.

Customers can get a free, instant estimate online and schedule their move immediatley. Moves can be scheduled weeks in advance or for immediate pickup.

Our drivers are notified of available moves and can accept a move if they would like to help.

Make Your Own Hours

Drivers for Hired Hitch can choose what moves they want to do. This means you decide when you want to work and how often.

Make Money

Drivers get 60% of every move fee, plus tips! Why not use the truck and trailer you already have to make some extra cash. Motivated drivers can easily make $500 a week.

Make A Difference

Driving for Hired Hitch is very gratifying. You will be able to help a wide range of people with all kinds of backgrounds. It's amazing how many interesting people you will meet. All whom need your help.